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Our Top 5 Beers to Shotgun

Lets face it, all beer is not designed for shotgunning… In fact we believe there is only one class of beer your Beer Tusk should ever touch, and that is "Cheap Beer". Ever since college was invented, cheap beer has been staple of the college diet. Whether it be its magical thirst quenching abilities, or its cheaper than dirt price, its a win win all around. We don't want to name drop, but lets just say a few Raging Mammoth employees have survived solely drinking beer for days on end.     

Below you will find our 5 favorite beers you should be shotgunning every damn weekend.

1.) Keystone

The God of all Beers in the Shotgun Realm. This sweet beer or 10 will quench your thirst on the hottest of days. When $17 for a thirty rack of this sweet nectar is the norm ($15 on a good day), it’s pretty hard to beat. And if Keith Stone hasn't taught you anything, it’s always smooth. Our favorite beer to shotgun.

Raging Mammoth | Top 5 Beers To Shotgun | Keystone

2.) Budweiser

If you want to walk into a party feeling like Captain America, then go ahead and grab yourself a cold Bud. Nothing says I love America more than taking an ice cold Budweiser to the dome. Take it one level further and stock up on Budweiser’s limited edition American Flag cans. With Fourth of July just around the corner, clear out the boring shit in your fridge, and stock up on this Freedom Juice.

Raging Mammoth | Top 5 Beers To Shotgun | Budweiser

3.) Coors Light

If you want a Beer you can shotgun, but still enjoy in a Koozie, than Coors light is your best bet. We love this beer because we know when the brew has reached its maximum cooling potential, e.g. the Blue Mountains. So grab a couple thirties and cool off this summer.

Raging Mammoth | Top 5 Beers To Shotgun | Budweiser

Note: The Beer Tusk works just as well on these limited edition 16 ounce Pints; definitely makes for an interesting chug.

4.) Natty Light

Natty light is classic when it comes to chugging, and has a track record for this starting since its inception in '77. Your pops was shotgunning this before you were even a twinkle in his eye, and he did it with a mullet.

Raging Mammoth | Top 5 Beers To Shotgun | Natty Light

5.) Corona

(Cans, for special occasions only.)

When I say special occasions, I mean one occasion, and that my friends is Spring Break. It’s time to forget all your worries, pass out on the beach and chug as many of these suckers until the federals threaten you with Mexican jail time. To be authentic, chase with a lime, you wont regret it.

Raging Mammoth | Top 5 Beers To Shotgun | Corona

Thirsty, huh!? Pick up your official Raging Mammoth Beer Tusk HERE & comment on this post sharing your favorite beer to shotgun!

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