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How to Shotgun a Beer, The Basics

You just cracked open a can of victory juice with your Beer Tusk… Now what? Theres a million possibilities, should you take to a knee? Go into a power stance?  Or prepare for an even more legendary move? We will answer these questions soon enough… (Don’t hurt yourself, we’ll do the thinking for you…)

Today we want to tackle one of the most basic shotgunning techniques we get asked about constantly. Should you shotgun straight-up and down, or tilted to the side? 

There are really only two positions people primarily shotgun from, one being far superior to the other. You can either take it straight-up and down or bring it to the side like a fucking boss.

Straight up and down: Do you have a nose? Not only is this maneuver extremely inefficient, it screams I have never done this before. We are amazed this tactic still takes place. Lets move on before I implode from sheer anger.

Boner Shotgunning a Beer
(perfect example of what you look like when you shotgun like a pleeb)

Boner #2 Shotgunning a Beer

(spilled on shirt… hole in shirt… typical)

Sideways: We made it. If you shotgun with a tilt, give yourself a big pat on the back. You are a man, in fact consider yourself a hero. You give humanity hope and in return you will be rewarded for your good deeds.  You might as well go grab a cold one right now. Crack that sucker open and celebrate your life choices along with future success.

Girls Shotgunning #1
(clearly veterans)
Girls Shotgunning #2

(great form. added points for that power stance.)

Girls Shotgunning #3
(nailed it)
Girls Shotgunning #4
(East Coast gets it)
Girls Shotgunning #5

(nice work Babe) 


If you are on team tilt, keep trucking and congratulations. If you are on the other team, take a good look in the mirror, and reevaluate your life choices.

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