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#RagingMammothBucketList: 15 Places and Times Every Bro Needs to Shotgun in College

- Wyatt Thurston
Listen up, you’ve got a finite amount of time to crush beers and not give a fuck about responsibility. That mean 4 years brother, just 4 years of serious debauchery… If you aren’t filling these 4 years with pointless drinking, you’re doing it all wrong. That’s why we’re assembling simple lists to get you moving in the right direction: 15 Places to Shotgun at. All you need to do is find a drinking buddy or buddies and set out to complete these lists, and we can promise you will not look back with regret, but rather pride in how you squeeze every last drop of a good time out of your college career. So don’t be a pussy, get moving on these things asap. Also, send us any photos you get for proof, if we like ‘em we’ll throw ‘em up on our social, just remember to hashtag the #RagingMammothBucketList. So let’s get to it…. #RagingMammothBucketList #1 Tubing: Tubing is one of the best fuckin’ places to shotgun some ice cold brewskis with your college bros and babes. There is nothing more relaxing than letting a river carry you while you bask in the sun and crush beers. It’s a great excuse to drink.

Summer daze 🍻🇺🇸 | Tag friends you need to do this with

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2. At the Links: Golfing is not golfing without crushing beers. It’s literally apart of the game. The same way your game wouldn’t be shit without a putter, is the same way you would fuckin blow it without some liquid to ease your swing up a bit and calm those competitve nerves you still have lingering from your high school sports career.

Stay on course 🍻 @brunithebull61

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3. The Piggyback Shotgun: This shotgun is and will always be one of the best and most traditionalized shotgun in the collegesphere. Your lady, or lady you would like to be friendly with is dying to do this with you. Get it done.

Easiest photo to justify on a Sunday 🍻🇺🇸 Tag your steady ❤️

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4. Monument Abroad: Yep this one is pretty broad, but we all need to do it. Shotgunning is an American Sport, so by its very nature we do it best. When you’re off abroad studying or just vacationing it’s easy to miss the American values and customs you’ve grown to love above anything. Practice this shotgun near a monument abroad and it will bring you right back to the special place we call home.

The Great Wall #ShotgunAroundTheWorld 🌏🍻 @bandiitb0y

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5. Doing Extreme Sports: Shotgunning is liquid courage, and extreme sports are something that you need courage to do. Slicking back a few and performing isn’t the same without it.

Teamwork makes the dream work 🍻🇺🇸 @perry_van @epplahhh

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6. In your Campus Fountain: Yes, the campus fountain shotgun… This is a shotgun that says I care about college traditions and getting seriously weird. Being ridiculous and swimming in your fountain is a part of this too.

Arizona we see you 🍻 #RagingBabes

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7. While slaying it on the River, Lake, or Ocean: Going fishing is one of the best ways of connecting with nature. It’s a trip that every bro should go on at least once a year for his sanity. Get away from it all, turn off your cell, fuck the internet, grab a shitload of beer and catch some monsters. You’ll be forced to converse and will in turn know your best freinds even better by the end of it.

There's two types of fishing... The kind when you drink, and the kind when you don't catch any fish 🍻🎣

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8. Long Toss: The long toss shotgun can be performed pretty much anywhere. It is best performed in front of a large crowd. If you connect and catch a long toss, you look like a beast. If you drop it, you better be prepared to look like an ass. Get it down.

ECU Formal with the #TDShotgun 🍻 @tommy_tough_nutz @itscaseybruh

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9. Weekender Pregame with the Boys: Yep, the infamous weekender shotgun. You know, the weekend twice a year you are totally ok with not remebering a single thing from, but somehow always still being able to tell a story about, ya that weekend. The first shotgun with your bros to start that weekend, is something you are guaranteed to remember.

Weekender season 🍻🇺🇸

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10. On the Roof of your House or Fraternity: Rooftop partying is serious thing. During your career you will definitely party on a number of rooftops. Why? Probably because you want to be above everything and scope what’s down below.

To the rooftop! 🍻

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11. In Costume: There will be about 400+ times you are in costume during college. Why? Halloween, which is really more like Halloweek, every Date Dash or Formal you go to, and every themed party. It seems like every weekend you have to wear something more ridiculous. But it’s great, because this only fuels the rage. Shotgunning in a costume is honestly just fucking funny. Like these nuns…
12. Next to your School Mascot Statue: This is a no brainer, it’s a shotgun you need to get done so you can show off your pride in how much better your school is than everyone elses.

That's a nice Big Cat JWU 🍻

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13. At any Tailagate: Your tailgating season is only so long, the short amount of time you have to drink a shitload of beers all day long is not forever. Tailgating every Saturday for an enitre semester does not happen after college.

ECU really bringing it lately 🍻

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14. In your shitty rundown college house: If you are like most college students, the house you live in is most likely rundown and older than the dinosaurs. It’s been graced with degenerates for decades. Continue that trend and never go out into the night without shotgunning first with your best friends. Say a prayer before you go out, and no we are not religious, by prayer we mean a chant dedicated to whatever goal it is you have to achieve that night. “Shotguns for Harambe, Shotguns for Harambe.” Or the example below…

Friday night pregame rituals 🍻🇺🇸

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15. By Ol’ Glory: Self explanatory.

Evening shotguns to get the night headed in the right direction 🍻🇺🇸

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