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Pine Rugged

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Made in the USA


Introducing the most durable Sabertooth collection to date. The Sabertooth Rugged, constructed from Military grade aluminum, a compressive surface layer modification, and finished with an extra coat of protection for good measure. This collection was forged for gameday warriors.

The Sabertooth has 4 functions: it opens bottles, makes the perfect hole to shotgun a beer from, pulls can tabs, and can vent any can for waterfall like flow. For those who want to add a little extra color and protection to the most trusted Beer Drinking tool on the market.

This Sabertooth has three (3) unique manufacturing processes all carried out 100% in the USA.

  • CNC and laser cut from T6061 Military Grade Aluminum
  • Shot peened for compressed and rugged surface
  • Anodized for Color and an Extra Layer of Protection
  • Complete with the Official Raging Mammoth™ on one side.


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

The color is black. I reached out to customer service and it didn't seem like I would get the right color in time. Apparently this batch came out darker then expected but it's not even dark green, it's black. Good product, just disappointed in the fact I didn't get the exact product I ordered and even paid more for the "rugged" version to get the color I didn't even want.

Thing of beauty.

Bought the Pine Rugged so I could out shotgun all my friends on Spring Break (disclosure: I already could, but I look way more legit now). One can only understand how well it actually tears through cans until you do it yourself. My only con is the color is fairly dark and hard to tell that it is actually green. Would indeed purchase again.

Stone cold stunned

My friends, let me tell you a tale for the ages. I ordered my Sabertooth during a very dark time in my life. When my Sabertooth arrived in the mail it felt like Christmas morning. I was anxious as I opened the packaging and the moment I was holding this rugged tool crafted my the gods, I finally felt complete. I blasted cans all throughout the weekend and still do on a daily basis. It's like a hot knife through butter. I wake up every day knowing that there is hope because of what Raging Mammoth has done for me, for us, as tribute. Don't sleep on this product, or else you, my friends may never find your true untapped potential to crush cans.

Wrong colour

Hey guys,
I hate to say it but my rugged pine came to me a lot darker then what it's suppose to be. I love the mammoth done get me wrong.. It's just that this is the second time now this has happened. Let me know what we can do!

Could've been better

I ordered a black and a green sabertooth but got them both in black, they were christmas gifts so i didn't have time to exchange the one but i was dissapointed. I also thought tha packaging would be better, the 2 sabertooths were just bouncing around and hitting each other. Overall great product thought!

Hey Maizy, We are bummed to hear we let you down on your Christmas Gifts. You should have already received an email that explains the situation and that you most likely received a defective unit! In that email, we have instructions on how to easily get those two replaced with correct units. Cheers, RM