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Woodland Camo

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Made in the USA


For the outdoorsman in all of us. All of our gear is already camo'd out and we couldn't think of a better reason to not make the Sabertooth the same way.

The Sabertooth has 4 functions: it opens bottles, makes the perfect hole to shotgun a beer from, pulls can tabs, and can vent any can for waterfall like flow. 

The Woodland Camo Sabertooth has multiple unique manufacturing processes all carried out 100% in the USA.

  • CNC and laser cut from T6061 Military Grade Aluminum
  • Anodized with three different colors and dipped with an Extra Layer of Protection. (No two of these are alike and extreme variations may occur)
  • Complete with the Official Raging Mammoth™ logo on one side


Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Shotgunning god

This mothafuckin tool got my shotgunning game to the next level. I can shotgun fuckin anything like a champ. You name it I’ll shotgun it

Almost perfect but camo isn’t as pronounced

Fantastic product, opens up cans for shotgunning like the the explosive tubes on Normandy beach defenses.... but the camo isn’t that great looking, I think It would be better if flatter colors with less flake and shine... But does it matter? No cause the USA stormed Normandy with nothing but olive drab and a M1 Grand.... in short, it sounds like a bald eagle crying out to the wild every time you break open a cold mountain water aka coors light.


This piece is amazing the design is way better then I thought it would turn out and it works great I highly recommend this clip!

Haven't received purchase yet

I ordered this product quite a while ago and still haven't received it.

Spencer, Thanks for the feedback brother! We went ahead and shot you an email regarding your order! We will get this straightened out for you ASAP! Cheers, Nick Raging Mammoth
Love the Product! Shitty shipping!!

Good product love using it! But the shipping takes forever! I ordered mine 5 days ago and my tracking info still hasn’t popped up and the only reason I know it’s a good product is because my buddy just received his!