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Hear us out.

Rewind all the way back to January 2014, when the founders of Raging Mammoth are fulfilling their first orders as a company after a successful Kickstarter. There were no hangups and everything seemed to go fucking seamlessly. But with the mass amount of orders, a fuck ton of wasted materials came with it. Package seals, tape, bubble wrap; almost all materials that would be used for just a few days and end up in a dump or the ocean.

This was a pivotal moment in RM history, and right then and there, they decided they would operate Raging Mammoth in a way few other companies even consider.

This isn't some fucking PR strategy 99% of companies use, and this most definitely isn’t meant to get confused with conformity to a trend. This is about our children, and our children’s children.

Alpha males will read this, and hold this shit as the fucking truth. So listen up.

Question: Where do people crush brewskis the most?

The answer is the GREAT OUTDOORS. You, your dad, your brother, your cousin, your best friend, your girlfriend, and all your boys crush ice cold brewskis outdoors. Because it is the best place to enjoy an adult refreshment. You do it fishing, you do it hunting, you do it tailgating, on the porch, by the pool, floating on the river, by the bonfire on the beach or woods, and on the green. Facts are facts, there is absolutely no arguing the outdoors are the best place to drink beer.

So this takes us to the next question…

Do you want your kids to be able to crush beers in the same places you love to, too?

And the next...

Will your kids be crushing brews like absolute fucking animals like you and their ancestors, or will they be forced to drink from the confines and safety of the indoors like a bunch of pansies?
Your choice:

Every time you place an order with a company you are voting for the future you want your children to live.

Time to SACK UP:

For a long time, you either had to choose the products you wanted (screwing your kids) or some hipster garb that was made by some guy who hasn't showered in a few years.

Well, now you don't have to compromise because Raging Mammoth has your back and more importantly your children's back! Also, let's keep our sporting grounds intact for them too. Fishing and hunting are paramount to our children’s success, and we want them to be lucky enough to enjoy it the same way we do.

Let’s make America great again, order by order.

Completed Projects:

Packaging Material:

Our packaging materials are made from 100% recycled material and 90% are biodegradable, that means they literally turn back into dirt. The other 10% are still 100% recyclable... So those fishies, and birdies we love so much, don’t even get the fuckin chance to choke on plastic before we can rip ‘em and shoot ‘em out of the sky.

Why we do this:

It costs us about 300% more to use packaging that isn't going to wash up on your favorite beach and take 1000 years to decompose. If we can do it, then other companies can do it, too. If you see someone advertising that they use 10% post consumer material stop right there and think back to this! They don't care about your offspring!!! So fuck ‘em.

We do.

How it affects you:

Bubble wrap, plastic and everything in between don't make for a great vacation. They also aren't very great for our fishy friends. Since our packaging is biodegradable, that won’t happen! Enjoy that vacation, brother!

Check out our partner Ecoenclose. If you know a brand who think needs to change their ways, tell them there is a better way!


100% American Made*:

We make everything in America!

Why does that matter:

Because we are supporting Freedom... That should be reason enough. Listen, America is far from the cheapest place to make things. And that's because we don't allow child slavery, dumping of chemicals into rivers and hell-like working conditions. If you're down for that, keep buying from companies who aren’t disclosing where and how they produce goods. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE...

How it affects you:

Yeah, you pay more for our stuff, but doesn't it feel good to know some child isn't slaving away for your $4.99 shirt. We think so! Also our shit is better made and will last longer for this reason alone. Watch this if you want to learn more:

*We now make everything in the US. This asterisk will be removed once we sell the remaining Sabertooth magnum, as those were made abroad and will be the last product we sell from outside our borders. You could say we are building a wall of sorts.

100% Organic Shirts*:

We know what you’re thinking, Organic... What the fuck is this? A farmer’s market?

No this is us defending our brother the Honey Bee.

Why does this matter:

Pesticides have been proven to be killing honeybees across America. Without them, we simply can't make food... We like food, so we decided that every shirt we can get our hands on will be organic. We need our steaks bro, steaks is cows, and cows is grass. Science.

How this affects you:

For starters, our shirts are the softest you can buy, don’t trust us, check out our reviews!! Second, your shirt doesn't have any sketch residual chemicals on it that cause cancer. We want you crushing beers well into your 90's, and telling every legendary story you hold to the next generation.

*We are almost at the size where we can start ordering massive orders of custom shirts. Once we get there, this asterisk will be removed. In the meantime, our suppliers sometimes run out of certain sizes of colors of Organic options. In that case, we will let you know in the description if it’s not organic.

Future Projects:

100% Solar Powered Robotic Factory:

Pretty much speaks for itself...

Recycle your Sabertooth:

Is your saber looking like a beat up 1998 honda civic? Might be time to replace her with a brand new one. How about we melt her down and give you a massive discount on that shiny new one?

Do you have any ideas for ways we can become more sustainable? Please send your thoughts to