Thirsty Thursday Bangers: Episode 1

Thirsty Thursday Bangers: Episode 1

Posted by Wyatt Thurston on

So because this is my first time doing this, I will be bringing you a bunch bangers hopefully every Thursday. I say "hopefully" because I never make promises - so if you are graced with another banger for your ear holes after this, consider yourself lucky...

On this weeks episode of Thirsty Thursday Bangers, I am bringing you the absolute heat that is Client Liaison’s ‘Wild Life’. I was inspired to share this exact single with you as a lot of you are graduating and entering the workforce and this music video is all about crushing it at work, whilst crushing it off field.

So most of you haven’t heard of Client Liaison, and that’s probably because almost all of you are stateside. Client Liaison hails from down under, and hasn’t quite broken into the mainstream American banger music scene just yet. I was actually introduced to them from a friend that did a year abroad in Australia. He introduced them to me because I fucking love 80’s music. Their style takes a ton from ’80’s vibes with heavy synths and keyboards. Pretty much every song they have put out is an absolute certified banger that will get you in the mood to crush cold ones and whatever other PEDs you need before a Thursday night out.

If you want to get in the mood to rage, I highly suggest checking out their music videos, because they are absolutely ridiculous. The production behind their videos is on par with how great the songs are.

Take my word for it, these guys fuck. 


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  • Need to get my ears a shacker T after that banger.

    Carrick on

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