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The Beer Spike is Back

The Sabertooth

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A Paddling Never Hurt Anybody


We make the best damn products. Over 2000+ 5 star reviews to date

By Jake K.


This thing will change your life. A must-buy.

By Jackson T.

BADASS. A must buy

I use this every time the boys get together and I pop a nice flow hole in every cold one. Shotguns are a breeze with this thing.

By Shayanne S.

Awesome AF

My fiance is the best at shotgunning. This just made him the actual king of this

By Jestin C.


This item is a gift from god himself.

By Matt D.

Worth every penny

Shipped quick, chicks dig it. Best way to drink beer! #Saturdaysarefortheboys

By Connor H.

The raw

Best shotgun tool on the market no doubt. From the design to its effectiveness it cant be beat