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Sabertooth V3.0

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Intro: Sabertooth 3.0 Mini - the third iteration of the tool that made the brand and changed generations of can cracking 🍻

☑️ Effortlessly shotgun ice cold brewskis

☑️ Opens bottles with ease

☑️ Pierces can for waterfall like flow

☑️ Rests on keys ergonomically & inconspicuously


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    An absolute legend

    Hello fellow mad lads and full senders💯 Raging Mammoth is the peak of chadhood and raging😎🔥 About 3 years ago, after ordering my limited edition saber tooth and instantly becoming a god among men at parties and bonfires alike, I decided to immortalize the moment with a tattoo of the legendary mammoth. Since that day I have been a part of the lifetime ragers and lived to the fullest. Shotgunning more cold ones than the average Joe could ever dream. Unfortunately my limited edition saber tooth was lost during one of these legendary bashes, along with my raging legend pint glass, probably taken by a covetous lad that just wanted to rage as hard as me. Nevertheless, the time has come to rejuvenate my lifestyle with the aid of the Mammoth Herd, and the new sabertooth mini v3😎🔥

    Cheers to a cold one with the lads!
    Rage on🔥

    Michelle O.
    I like it


    Manuel L.
    3rd Generation

    I have bought every single version of this product. So far this one is the best of the three. If you like a compact yet effective tool for shotgunning this is the size to go with.

    Blake B.

    Fits on keys a lot better than the v2.0 so I now carry every where. Never know when I need to down a cold one.

    Cynthia R.
    Fun at Parties

    I got this bad boy just in time for my friends grad party and you can say it was a good ass time. Everyone loved it! Easy to use once I figured out the right technique.