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This ain't your granddaddy's Fraternity Paddle. The Paddle by Raging Mammoth™ takes one of the most traditional and sacred items in American college history - the fraternity paddle, and adds a memorable function to it making it that much more special to pass down.

The Paddle is cut from Alder wood, laser engraved, and finished with wax for protection. A Raging Mammoth navy blue paracord is tied on for decorative hanging.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Nicholas V.N.
Best paddle Greek Life has ever seen

As soon as I opened the box, I broke it out and gave it a try. Holding the paddle, I was envisioning future tailgates and parties. This thing is legendary

David L.
Spank Me

Ok check this shit out fam! it is definitely the best tool to impress everyone at the party but you better have an iron liver as when you whip this bitch out and drink the waterfall other bros will challenge you to drinking more so prepare to fight for your manhood! So in all it is a great product but if i had to give it an improvement it would be the actual cup holes itself. The holes are smooth and require the traditional red solo cups with the straight lines that go across but if you get a solo cup that has any other design it will not sit properly and wobble around so make sure you get the solo cups with the straight lines!

-im drunk.

Dnaiel Y.
New favorite way to consume beer

I always wondered if someone could create a way to drink beer from a paddle and Raging Mammoth was able to make this a reality in the best way possible. I now am able to be the life of the pregame when I bring out my paddle and start chugging like a fucking champ. I will use this paddle until I die a legend.

Abbigale G.
Perfect Ice Breaker

I basically became friends with everyone at this one party because of this thing. It's fun and a smart invention.