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The Beer Spike

The Beer Spike

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Inspired by the railroad spike that helped lay the foundation for this great nation. The Beer Spike opens bottles effortlessly, creates the perfect hole to shotgun from, and vents a can for waterfall like flow like a breeze. The spike was forged from brass, so it is handsome enough to leave at home on a coffee table, but ergonomic enough to sit on a keychain comfortably in your pocket.  


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Spikin' Brewz

I tried to spike my brew after I dropped it, and it sprayed everywhere! I was at my Nana's house and she flipped out and says that I have to pay for her rug to be shampooed, which is total BS. Anyway, since it's basically Raging Mammoth's fault they should probably pay for Nana's carpet cleaning, right?

regaurds from an All-American shotgunning aficionado

Prior to the beer spike I was gauging my shotgunning holes with your standard issue house key. Now, every time I slice through a can of coors light I feel as though I'm staking the American flag into the sediment of Iwo Jima releasing a surge of patriotic essence into my gut.

i love it

the beer spike works great for when i am crushing beers with the boys on a Saturday night

Beer Spike...more like beer slayer

I drink brewskies every weekend but with the beer spike, I can crush them into submission without the hassle of using my teeth.

Next best thing in shotgunning

The Sabertooth has never failed to help people crush brews. It was a new innovation that shook the world. I just received two of these today and they are sexy. The weight on these is great, heavier than the sabertooth, and it feels great in the hands. The Beer Spike also pokes venting holes like a hot knife through butter. I have never been disappointed with Raging Mammoth and I do not think I ever will be based on the quality of their products.