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Raging Mammoth Shotski

Raging Mammoth Shotski

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The Most Premium Shotski Ever Made (Less than 100 each)⛷

Skip gluing your shot glasses to a ski, our shotskis come with 4 perfectly placed magnets and magnetized food safe steel shot glasses to go with. Easy cleanup and dishwasher safe shot glasses have changed the game.

It's time to upgrade⚡️

*Includes 1x Ski + 4x Custom Magnetic Shot Glasses*

Our Shotskis are magnetized for a more enjoyable Shotski experience - no more spillage!

Why're they the best? 👀

  • Easier disassembly.
  • Ability to pour before you add your shot to ski.
  • Easier cleanup, with ski wipe down.
  • Food safe shotglasses.
  • Dishwasher safe shotglasses.


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