The Top 5 Party Themes to Ensure your Rager is Unforgettable

The Top 5 Party Themes to Ensure your Rager is Unforgettable

Throwing a memorable party not only engraves a memory into some freshman girl’s college experience, but it ensures your position as the head honcho on the block. Knowing that your party was the place to be that night is a source of pride that is hard to match. The catalyst to the wild party is a wild theme; what better way is there to gather your peers than by challenging them to step up their wardrobe game? With that in mind, here are the party themes that I think can most effectively stand out and rage the absolute hardest:

  1. Hawaiian Luau:

Potentially one of the harder things I’ve had to spell since my 8th grade spelling bee: a Hawaiian Luau really encompasses what we want in an absolute rager. Where else do you get to enjoy the relaxing fit of a Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned halfway down your chest and that cute blonde girl from your freshman year English class wearing a coconut bra? Add on a flower lei and you’ve got the perfect attire to casually black out.

  1. CEOs and Office Hoes:

If “every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man,” then you know that this party theme is one that can make some damn memories. Ladies love it because they get to dress like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Boys, break out that suit and tie and pray to the heavens that the clumsy neighbor girl doesn’t spill her vodka cranberry all over you. The men look nice, the ladies look nicer, and the night will go from classy to chaos in a blink of an eye.

  1. ABC Party:

Oh no, we’re not talking Sesame Street, we’re talking “Anything But Clothes”. This classic theme lets the partygoers expand on their creativity more than ever. From trash bags to bubble wrap to caution tape, nothing gets held back when an ABC party starts up down the block. ABC parties don’t need any explaining as to why their legendary—have you ever seen a blonde bombshell rockin’ nothing but caution tape over her breasts? Enough said.

  1. Jersey Party:

Jerseys are bought to wear for only a couple different occasions: the big game and the big party. Whether it’s a tailgate day-drinking session or a kegger to end all keggers, rocking the jersey really stirs up some energy and is a great way to impress a crowd.

  1. Black Light/Highlighter Party:

It’s hard to disagree with this being #1 on the list of party themes. If you do disagree, I respect your opinion—it’s just violently wrong. Throw a few black lights up and let the good times roll. It usually starts out innocently with a few highlighters signing shirts and drawing the occasional genitalia on your homie when he’s not looking, but once a few drinks get thrown back, all hell is prepared to break loose. Break open some glow sticks, bump that new EDM playlist, and sign as many boobies as you can, boys and girls!

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