Beer + Science = Waterfall Like Flow

Drinking a frosty can of beer should be easy and enjoyable. We engineered the Sabertooth to make your Raging more efficient, so you can focus on having a good time.

The Sabertooth was specially designed to “tap” your beer can and give you the waterfall-like flow you never knew you needed. The Sabertooth makes it effortless to pierce the top of your beer can for the perfect Ventilation your beer needs to flow without any glugging. Think of it like giving your beer the ability to breathe.

So how does it work? When you pour or drink from the mouth of a beer can, stoppage in the flow is created from the simultaneous effect of beer trying to escape the can while air is trying to rush into the can. This is why when you pour a beer from a can there is a glug. By adding an extra hole to the top of your can with your Sabertooth, air is provided an added place to enter, and the flow of your beer is less interrupted, leaving you with the optimal experience. Trust us, once you vent you will never drink a beer the same again.