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Boozey White Elephant

Christmas and the holiday season in general are chock full of traditions - Traditions that go back centuries and traditions unique to families. I fucking love the holidays for this reason. 

My favorite tradition which started while I was living in my fraternity is the “Boozey White Elephant.” Now, this is not your regular white elephant because it’s primary function is a spirited drinkoff before hitting the bars. The way one of my fraternity brother’s conducted the gifting part was also much different and honestly way smarter, so I can’t take full credit for creating this spinoff at all.

So like any tradition and game there will always be variations, this is how I have successfully carried out a White Elephant Pregame…

Preparations and Rules Explained:

  1. Decide who is going to be at the pregame, and what function you are attending after, it must be Christmas themed. For instance, a Santa Bar Crawl.
  2. Decide how much money each person is willing to give up and not get upset when they get a useless gift
  3. Pool the money via venmo from all attendees in advance, so you can go and shop for some gifts to be included in the White Elephant
  4. Create a general list of things to be included in the White Elephant. Next, cut down your list to have just enough gifts for those attending, as well as making sure you pooled enough money to pay for the gifts you want to include. People normally make sure all gifts are of similar or equal value, and this a load of shit and ruins the fun. So I like to ensure there are noticeable differences between the value of all the gifts. This will increase the competitive piece of the pre-”game.” Anyway, so what to include... really fucking stupid gifts that are funny (fleshlight, dildo, santa lingerie, snuggy, blow up doll, fuzzy slippers, a t shirt with one of your friends faces on it, anything that is ridiculous). Then also some cooler gifts (christmas cookie cannabis edible, a nice bottle of scotch, box of cigars) You get the gist.
  5. Next wrap the gifts, so no one can see or generally feel what the gift are when touched. Then toss all the gifts into a big trash bag.
  6. Get a bunch of Peppermint Schnapps bottles, christmas cookies, and a couple bottles of chocolate syrup. These will be used to create Peppermint Schnapps “Peppermint Patty Shots”
  7. Tear a piece of paper into the number of participants that are attending and write down consecutive numbers. If you have 20 people coming, tear the paper into 20 pieces, and write 1-20 on the pieces. They will be used in a drawing to select the order each participant gets to grab the gifts from the bag.
  8. Now you can begin to play. Put on that Christmas playlist Spotify curated and get in that jolly mood. Have everyone select a piece of paper, and begin the White Elephant with the person who drew the number 1.
  9. The person who drew 1 grabs from the bag and opens the gift immediately after.
  10. The person who chose number 2 gets a choice now, either pick from the bag and leave their gift up to fate or choose to steal the gift from the prior person.
  11. If the person chooses to steal the gift, the person who has the gift must face them in a shoot off of the “Peppermint Patty.” If the person who owns the gift takes a shot and washes it down with a mouthful of chocolate syrup, they do not have to forfeit their gift. The person who tried to steal the gift must now be left with no gift until they can steal someone else's.
  12. If a person decides they do not want to take the shot and would rather have their gift taken, the person stealing the gift must take a peppermint patty shot
  13. Each turn that passes anyone is game to steal a gift from someone. So in theory one could steal all of the gifts, they would just be very wasted.
  14. If multiple people want the same gift in the same turn, the gift is stolen by the person willing to take 2 shots, etc, depending on number of people who want it. (None of the gifts are ever worth doing more than 2 shots for)
  15. The last chance for gift taking/stealing is on the final draw of the gift from the bag.

There you have it, this game gets pretty whacky with the exchange of ridiculous gifts and people drinking for said stupid gifts. Like I said before add your own flair and create your own fucking tradition, don't just take mine. Switch out the peppermint Schnapps for shotgunning a beer, there already helped you out. Have fun, and don't be an idiot, drink responsibly fuckers.

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