Drinking Games: The Finger Game

Drinking Games: The Finger Game

Posted by Wyatt Thurston on

Ya, you read that correctly… The finger game, get your head out of the gutter. The finger game has absolutely nothing to do with putting your fingers in wet, dark places.

This game is without a doubt the quickest and best way to get ready for the night as quickly as possible. Rounds last about 2-5 minutes, which is awesome. It’s a fun game because it requires a little bit of strategy unlike most drinking games, but it is the most simple strategy out there. I literally can’t play King’s Cup as it is too complicated for me and I don’t like thinking too hard when I’m trying to drink - I actually hate that game and have no idea why anyone would ever want to play it. Anyway, if you’re anything like me, this might be your new go-to pregame ritual. It’s also easily taught and learned, so recruiting your friends that haven’t played before isn’t an issue. The game varies in intensity depending on who’s playing, so every game is very different than the last which makes it interesting. The players get to dictate how ridiculous the game will be.

# of Players 2 + As many people you can fit around a cup in a circle (After 9 people the cup starts to get a bit crowded, but the more the better)


  1. Fill a Red Solo Cup with whatever drink/concoction you want, to whichever height the players agree upon.This cup will be drank by one losing player, so judge accordingly. I have some pretty fucked up friends, so we will usually start with a double shot of tequila and accelerate the stakes to a mixed drink of w/e it is we can find when we are all sufficiently juiced up and in the mood for competition. Sometimes this means the final game will be a cup filled to the brim with a combination of hot sauce, milk, vodka, beer, and five cheetos. This game takes no prisoners, and it is not for the faint of heart.
  2. Each player stands or sits around the cup and sets one finger on the cup, usually people use their index finger. The first player to start is decided by the group, really doesn’t matter who starts, but after the first round is finished, the losing player always starts off the round.
  3. The objective of the game is to not be the last player left standing or sitting around the cup. The last player must chug or shoot the drink, so that it may be filled to play the next round.
  4. Players guess and strategically pull their finger or leave it on the cup based on the number of players they believe will stay or leave, and what number of fingers they think the ‘countdown’ player will guess.
  5. Players take turns guessing how many fingers will be left on the cup after counting down from 3. The player who counts down must decide how many fingers they think will be left on the cup after their countdown. The only chance the player has of leaving the game is to guess correctly on their turn when they are the ‘countdown’ player.
    1. Ex: You are playing with 6 other people, and your finger makes 7 players altogether. It is now your turn to countdown. You believe that after your countdown 2 players will pull their fingers from the cup. You say out loud for all players to hear, “3-2-1-5” This means you believe 5 fingers will be left on the cup. If you guessed correctly you may leave the game and you are safe until the next round of play, if you are wrong you stay in the game and the next player begins counting down and making their guess.
  6. Players who are not the ‘countdown’ or current guesser, must decide whether or not to leave their finger on the cup. Strategy for this is based on how many players there are and how you think the players around you will react.
  7. There are no rules for how many times you lift or leave your finger on the cup, and the participant whose turn it is to countdown is allowed to pull their finger or leave it as they please. This becomes a major part of the strategy as players leave the cup. For instance, you may decide that for the first half of the game you are not going to pull your finger at all, giving players the impression that this is your strategy. But then you pull your finger into a few plays. Get the gist?
    1. Ex: There are only 2 players left standing and it is your turn to countdown and guess. You believe you can get in your opponent's head and give him the idea that you will be pulling your finger from the cup, but you leave it and guess the number 2, if the opposing player leaves their finger, you are now in the clear and your buddy has now been bested by you and must now drink the cup.

If you’ve never played this game, you’re in for some seriously good times, assuming you pick it up. I’m going to guarantee it becomes a part of your pregame ritual from here on out. It’s fast paced and fun and really starts to get hilarious when your buddies just suck it up and can’t seem to catch a break and are on their 3rd loss in a row. It’s also rad as a final drink before getting in the uber because it is so fast.

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