Sacred Drinking Rituals: The Specific Roommate Shot

Sacred Drinking Rituals: The Specific Roommate Shot

Shot of this, shot of that, what did you have last night?

The answer is probably a lot of a lot. You had a few drinks at your place, your buddies place,  and then you hit your Fraternity late night and had w/e was left; the night was still young, so you hit the bars and met up with the flavor of the week for a few more drinks there.

But you started the night at your place, with your roommates who will be your dudes forever after college. If you’re in a fraternity you definitely have a house liquor and most likely have a ‘family’ liquor that you shared with your big bro and his big bro at pivotal moments in your pledgeship. That stuff doesn’t happen after that and honestly I think it’s pretty fucking lame, especially if you don’t like the booze you were assigned.

Your roommates will always be the first to enjoy any drink of any given night with you. This is why you need to have a go-to shot to share with these select few. This will be the shot you all take collectively before doing anything else that night. I’m literally saying, this needs to take place before anything can be done in the night - it’s a fuckin’ ritual man. It’s easy to do and brings you closer to your boys. You take the shot together, and toast to a fuckin’ amazing night and then you can go on to drinking w/e it is you would like on your own or with others.

This is a great ritual to start as soon as possible because from here on out, even after the daze of college you will always start the night the same when you meet up with your boys. Even when you’re an oldster, that shot will take you back to some seriously great fucking times. You will also always remember it because it is the first one of the night. It’s sentimental, shit I’m getting teary eyed just writing about it, brother.

Choosing the liquor is the easy part, what does your group normally start with? Find a specific brand that you can all get behind and won’t mind having at every pregame and you’re set. If you’re not down for the hard stuff, choose a brew and shotgun before everything.


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